Walnut Closet Built-ins

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Nora Vista

Sam and I had been pondering the design of our new walk in closet for months. We had finally decided to go with green/gray walls that matched our bedroom and plain white MDF shelves from our local home improvement store.

We were finally ready to get started on this project one Saturday morning, and Sam looked at me and said “What if we went with Walnut veneer shelving for our closet instead?”

“Uhhhh…. yeah! Can we do that? Do we have enough material?” I replied.

“We just might.” Said Sam.

So we got geared up, and went shopping in our garage! We pulled out all the Walnut veneer that my scrappy Sam had been saving, and it turned out that yes; we had just enough!

We had access to a giant table saw at the time, so after Sam drew out the cut list, and marked the sheets of veneer…

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